How To Get The Most From Your Wedding's Videography

Wedding videography is a critical part of how you'll remember your big day. If you're paying for wedding event videography, getting the most from it will mean a lot. Fortunately, couples can do these four things to help the videographer achieve great results.


Choosing a venue with open spaces and good locations for filming is essential. Ideally, there should be large aisles to allow the videographer to move around the guests without disturbing them during the wedding. You will also want a similarly open area for your reception.

When you're checking out venues, look at the lines of sight. Try to imagine how people will look near the altar if someone is shooting wedding videography from one of several angles. Also, many videographers have assistants who help them capture shots from more than one direction. Consequently, you'll want to have at least two good angles without anything blocking the view.

Develop a Schedule

A wedding includes many specific events, and you'll want them to go off in sequences. You should schedule photography, makeup, and hair to ensure no one will conflict with your wedding event videography. The videographer should have room to roam without tripping over other service providers. Build a schedule for when you want to have different people present and where they should be. Avoid creating situations where the videographer will end up with a photographer in the shot, for example.

Also, think about how the wedding videography team is going to handle a long day. Schedule a reasonable intermission so they can get in lunch and take a break before the reception.

Plan the Shots

If you have something you want to be featured in a video, plan for those shots. Someone staging a wedding at a church with huge stained glass windows, for example, should talk with the wedding videography company about the best locations for shooting. Do a walkthrough of the location with the videographer so they can see your ideas and offer suggestions. Emphasize what are the must-have items for the final product so the videographer can be sure to capture them.

Enjoy the Day

Emotions come through in videos. While everyone understands there can be stress on a wedding day, the important thing is to take in the moment. Enjoy the presence of family and friends. You will be stunned to see how much the basic emotions of a wedding come through on the videos and improve them.

To learn more about wedding event videography, reach out to a professional.

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