Wedding Photography Styles And Your Dream Day Options

Which wedding photography style is the right choice for your big day? Every wedding photographer has their own individual style—and you need to figure out which one matches your personal preferences and needs. Before you book a pro, take a look at the top questions couples have about photography styles and the ways to capture your special moments. 

What Are the Different Types of Photography Styles?

You likely have a personal style, a couple's style, and a wedding style. The photography should blend all three of these into one style that fully speaks to who you are as a person and who both of you are as partners. While popular styles change over time and with the trends, a few common photography choices for weddings include:

  • Traditional. This style includes the classic posed portraits of brides, grooms, and family members/the wedding party. 
  • Photojournalism. These photos are far from posed. Instead of sitting or standing static shots, photojournalism is a candid style that captures the real magical moments of your wedding day.
  • Lifestyle. This style falls somewhere in between traditional/classic and photojournalism. While lifestyle photography has more movement and realism than classic portraits, it still includes posed pictures.
  • Editorial. Editorial photos look like the pages of your favorite fashion magazine. These photos use lighting and stylized poses to create standout pictures.
  • Fine art. These artsy play with light, shadow, angle, texture, and other elements of art. Fine art photography is similar to what you might find on the walls of a gallery.

Along with these popular styles, vintage, black and white, and dramatic or dark and moody photos are common options that many photographers offer. 

Can You Combine Styles?

Yes, you can combine different styles of photography—depending on the photographer and what options they offer. If you're not sure which style to select, talk to the photographer about combinations such as:

  • Traditional and a less formal style. Do you want some posed portraits and some candids? Combine a classic static style with photojournalism or lifestyle photography.
  • Lifestyle and fine art. These styles are at the opposite end of the wedding photography spectrum. When combined, these two options can give you a variety to choose from.
  • Color and black and white. Whether you want traditional, photojournalism, or another style, you may want some full-color photos and some classic black and white candids or portraits.

To learn more about the styles and combinations a photographer offers, ask to see the professional's wedding portfolio. These photos can help you to better understand the pro's aesthetic and give you ideas for your own wedding photography.

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