Things You Should Consider When Adding Videography For Your Wedding

Wedding cinemaphotography is becoming more common, and professional-level videos are often created to remember the day or share it with people who cannot attend the event. There are some things to consider when looking for a videographer for your special day to ensure you get the highest-quality video possible.

Checking Portfolios

When considering a wedding cinematographer for your wedding, it is essential to check out their past work before awarding them the job. A professional should have some portfolio videos online that you can view to see examples of the work they produce. 

If the cinematographer doesn't have any work to show you, hiring them to document your special day can be a gamble that you may not necessarily want to take. The videographer may be just getting started in the industry, and while they may be good at what they create, if they can't show you any work, it is often a good idea to look for someone with an online portfolio for you to view.

Integrating Video and Photography

When you have both a wedding cinematographer and a wedding photographer working the same event, it is essential that you coordinate with them to ensure they both have access to the shots they need to document your wedding day. The videographer may want to get up close during the ceremony, but that can make it difficult for the photographer to get the shots they need. 

It can also be hard for the guests to see what is happening if the wedding cinematographer is between them and you. Spending some time going over the video and photography production with each provider can help. Bringing them in for the rehearsal will allow you to determine when and where they need to be, allowing each service provider to make suggestions from their perspective so you can lay out a plan that works best for everyone, and you get the video and images you want.

All In One Provider

Another option to consider is hiring an all-in-one provider that can handle the wedding photos and has a wedding cinematographer on staff. This allows one company to provide all the imaging and video for you. Since they work together all the time, they will be able to interact professionally and help each other ensure the final images and video are exactly what you are looking for. 

Often, these companies offer packages that include everything you need for one price, and they can also work with you to fill special requests or needs on the day of the event. You may want a documentary-style video that follows you through the day or just a video of the wedding itself. So talk with the provider about the options they have and how to get the most from your wedding cinematography. 

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