How To Improve The Look Of An On Screen Interview

Are you going to be recording an interview on camera to be used in an upcoming video? If so, you are going to want to do all that you can to ensure that your subject looks their best in front of the camera. Here are some ways that your video production company can help you do it. 

Perform A Pre-Interview

It's normal to think that you just show up to the set and everything happens live and with an impromptu feel during an interview. However, a good interview doesn't always happen that way. Your video production company can help make things go smoother by performing a pre-interview. The production company essentially goes over what they will be talking to the main subject of the interview about in an informal setting, such as a phone call, to learn about what they are going to talk about.

The purpose of a pre-interview is to learn what kind of responses the person being interviewed is going to give. The production company can then craft a series of questions to get the right answers out of the person naturally. The answers will come off a lot better on camera when you know what kind of response to expect, which will help the interview go smoothly.

Plan For Camera Cuts

There is a lot of editing magic that goes into making an interview look concise and seamless. Part of this involves planning for multiple camera cuts during the interview to edit responses later. This can be done in a couple ways. For a budget production, it can be very easy to shoot with a single camera at a higher resolution than the final product. For example, if there is a HD deliverable file for the final interview, then they may shoot in 4K. This allows you to cut in on the subject for a closeup to hide edits, rather than having to cut away to other footage.

The other option is to use multiple cameras. Simply having a slightly different camera angle in a closeup can always give you a second camera angle to cut to. That second camera can also be used to capture detail shots, such as a closeup of the person's hands, which makes it easy to make difficult edits in the interview where facial expressions or body positions do not match up exactly. 

Reach out to your video production company for more tips on how to conduct a great on-screen interview. 

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