How Adding A Photo Booth To Your Event Can Help Keep The Event Fun

Corporate events are often intended to be a way for employees to get together in a low-key environment and have some fun away from the office. Many times these events include a photographer taking pictures, but adding a corporate event photo booth rental to the mix can allow people to take pictures together and be a little more relaxed when they do. Here are some things to consider:

Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booths have changed some over the years, and a corporate event photo booth is often larger and more portable than the small ones you see in an arcade or on the boardwalk at the beach. The principle is the same though, you can pile in with some friends and take goofy pictures of yourself, and what better time to do that than when you are in a tux or fancy dress at a corporate gathering. 

While these photo booths will not produce images for the quarterly report, they can be a great way for work buddies to have some fun and lighten the atmosphere at the event. The rentals are typically reasonably priced, and the company will provide someone to set up the booth, monitor it for issues, and then take it down after the event. 

Image Costs

When you are renting a corporate event photo booth, you need to check with the rental company to determine if the rental covers the cost of the photos taken in the booth or it only covers the booth rental. Some companies offer both alternatives, and if you can get a booth that all the costs are covered, people may be more likely to use the booth to take some pictures together. 

Having to pay an additional charge for the photos after they are taken can be enough to deter people, and then the booth rental may not be worth having at the event. Be sure to let people know that the booth is free to use and have the event MC announce it several times throughout the event so people that arrive later can still take advantage of the photo booth. 

Event Photography

If you are going to use a photographer for your event, you may need some specific kinds of images that you will not get from the corporate event photo booth rental. The pictures taken by your photographer will most likely be more serious or formal, but the photo booth photos may be much more relaxed. 

Since the photo booth pictures are often more personal, it is a good idea to allow the person using the booth to print the picture and then let the rental company delete the images when they are no longer needed. The company can sponsor the booth, but it would be in poor taste to retain those images after the event, and copyright laws may even make it illegal. 

Let your photographer get the corporate photos, and the booth photos can just be fun memories for those in attendance. For more information about photo booth rentals, contact a company like Oh Snap Photo Booths.

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