Tips For Booking Your Underwater Videography Travel

Underwater videography can be a rewarding hobby or even a great way to earn an income. No matter the reason why you are planning an underwater videography trip, there are a few things to know so you get the most out of it. In order to get the perfect shots and even to catch some of the marine life you are hoping to shoot, you will need to plan carefully so you won't come home disappointed.

Here are some tips for booking your underwater videography trip to ensure a great trip and a fantastic shoot.

Choose The Right Season

Before you book your underwater videography trip, you first need to know what exactly you want to shoot. Do you want to take videos of sharks swimming? Do you want to shoot a video of coral or a particular school of fish? You need to clearly plan out what exactly you would like to shoot before you go, and there is a good reason for this. In order to get the shots you want, it will depend greatly on the season you are taking your trip.

It doesn't matter if you are planning on going diving for your video in the Caribbean. They too have seasons that will affect which marine life you will see at any given time during the year. For example, the best time to see certain sharks on some islands is in the summer months, and for other fish, autumn is your best bet.

You also need to know the weather changes, and yearly events like monsoon season and even hurricane season can put a dent in your plans. So, before you book your trip, make sure you know what you want to see, and then book that time of year for your best shot at finding it.

Choose The Best Time For The Ocean Cycle

While you are planning on the time of year to go, you also have to plan for the ocean cycles too. The ocean's currents change at certain points during each month throughout the year and can impact your chances of finding the marine life you are looking for. The ocean tides are greatly affected by the moon, so a full moon could mean higher tides in a certain area.

Ocean tides also coincide with the seasons, so this goes hand-in-hand with the previous advice, too. You need to not only pick the right season of the year for a particular location, but you also need to go at the right time of the month for the best ocean tides. Higher tides could mean fewer marine animals in that area, as it can be harder for them to swim in stronger tides. It also makes it harder for an underwater videography enthusiast to take the shots they want without being pulled away by strong tides.

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