4 Lasting Reasons To Work With Multiple Wedding Photographers

As you plan your wedding day, no matter how large or how small it will be, the right wedding photographer is vital for beautiful and lasting memories. And while bridal couples know what they want, few may understand that in order to get it, they need to use more than one photographer. Why are multiple wedding photographers a boon to your big day? Here are a few compelling and practical reasons.

1. One Can Follow Each Spouse

If your photographer is busy capturing all the fun and drama of the bride getting ready, who is photographing her partner? One photographer literally can't be in two places at once, so you may miss out on many things — most notably the preparations of both future spouses as they get ready in their own spaces. With two photographers, you can capture the look on both partners' faces during the iconic "first look" snap. 

2. You Get More Candids

With two roving photographers choosing their own shots and moving around the wedding and reception venues separately, your chances of great candid pictures doubles. The larger your wedding and the more photos you want to choose from, the more you need two (or even three) photographers doing the job. 

3. They Can Get All the Angles

Wedding photographers know that the "perfect shot" can be ruined by any minute thing that goes wrong. But you don't get a second chance at most of the big marquee events in a wedding — the first look, the vows, the big entrance, or the cake cutting, for instance — so you need to ensure the best result.

A second photographer can capture a slightly different angle, completely different angles, or do double coverage of the first photographer as a backup plan.

4. Two Photographers Share the Duties

There is so much to capture, a team of photographers can do the job more efficiently and still have the creativity you need.

One may work on the fine details and closeups while the other does the "big picture" photos, for example. One might work in the audience while the other works with the couple during the ceremony. If one photographer needs to take a break, the other one is always there to ensure nothing is missed. A pair of professionals leaves no gaps in your coverage. 

Which of these benefits is the most appealing to you? For your big day, you can't afford to skimp on lasting mementos that happen just once. And when you choose to use a photography team, you're sure to enjoy the beautiful results even more than you thought. 

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