Why Having Script Approval Is Important For Your Video Production

Are you in a time crunch to create a video for your business, so you're rushing into the production aspect of the video production? If so, you want to make sure that you do not skip the script approval process. Not having script approval can cause the following problems with your video.

Getting An Accurate Price Quote

A producer is going to take your script and use it to determine how much your video will cost to create. The script is used to determine things such as the overall length of the video, the amount of motion graphics, editorial hours needed to complete the project, locations needed to film the video, and how much on-screen talent is needed.

If things change in your script after you move forward in the preproduction process, it could have a ripple effect that makes your original price quote inaccurate. Something as simple as adding an additional scene in a video can cause production and postproduction costs to increase, especially if they are sprung on the producer at the last moment.

Avoiding Overages

While you may be able to get by with script changes that happen while in preproduction, you will be in big trouble if the script changes come in after production is finished. It is much harder to go back and fix problems with your footage after things have been shot because it can cause overages that are very hard to avoid. You may even need to schedule a reshoot if the change is difficult to make in postproduction.

For example, if the graphics change for the video after they have been produced, you'll need to pay an overage to have the graphic designers create new graphics for your video. If the wrong line was said during production, it will require a reshoot so that the proper lines are said. Alternatively, you can try to find some creative ways to record a new line that is used for voice-over only. Even delaying the project to shift the delivery date can cause a problem where your production company is unavailable, creating overages where they need to work evenings and weekends.

Don't get caught in a situation where you need to make unnecessary changes after the fact. Make sure you work with the end client closely so that you have script approval before production begins. Small alterations to the script can have rippling effects that can cause the video to go over budget.

For more information on video production, contact a company that offers video production services.

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