Music-Loving Family? Consider Recreating the Iconic Abbey Road Album Cover

If all of the members of your immediate family love music and, in particular, The Beatles, you may have fun recreating the iconic Abbey Road album cover with the help of a professional photographer. Many families book family photo sessions as a keepsake, but you don't want your photo to be dull. For example, having everyone stand in a line might provide a keepsake, but it won't be a very memorable one. There are arguably few album covers more recognizable than Abbey Road, so your music-loving family can have fun working with your photographer to recreate it. Here are some tips.

Choose the Right Attire

There are many different ways that you can work to recreate the Abbey Road album cover. For starters, it's a good idea to choose attire that will mimic what The Beatles wore in the image. From left to right, George Harrison wore a denim outfit, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr wore dark suits, and John Lennon wore a white suit. You don't all have to wear suits, but trying to match the color of your outfits to those that the band wore can be fun. One interesting point is that McCartney, second from the left, had bare feet—one member of your family might wish to also do so.

Choose a Location

You aren't likely to fly to England to have your photo taken on the real Abbey Road, but that's no worry—you can often find a suitable location in your community. All you'll need is a crosswalk, and ideally one with black and white-striped markers. In the name of safety, you should choose a crosswalk on a street that has minimal vehicular traffic and book your photographer at a time that the traffic is customarily light. Don't forget that in addition to your family walking across the street, your photographer will need to stand in the middle of the road to shoot several frames. You want to ensure that everyone is safe.

Mimic the Poses

It's a good idea to take a copy of the iconic photo to the scene so that each of you—and your family photographer—can look at it before you set up. This is more than just a photo of four people crossing the street. In order to mimic the image, you'll want to mirror the poses of The Beatles as much as possible. For example, each of them has a wide-legged stance and is roughly looking forward as they walk from left to right. Lennon appears to have his right hand in his pocket, while the other members have their right hands swinging freely.

Contact a photography company, such as Moorman Photographics, to get started planning this fun shoot. 

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