Three Fun Ways For Your Child To Interact With A Kids' Photo Backdrop

When you're organizing a portrait for your child, you should give some thought to what will appear behind him or her. While there's value in a formal portrait with a plain background, another idea is to find a studio that can offer you several different backdrops from which to choose. Select one that suits your child's interests, and you'll be on your way to make a memorable photo session — and some fun photos that you can share afterward. Here's a trio of ways that your child can interact with the kid's photo backdrop that you've selected.

Dress To Suit It

One approach that can be fun to pursue is to dress your child (or have the child dress himself or herself, based on the child's age) in a way that will suit the backdrop. For example, if your daughter will be having her photo taken in front of a magical backdrop that has a castle and princesses, it makes sense for her to be dressed as a princess, too. If your son's backdrop features planets, spacecrafts, and other outer space-themed sights, you may wish to dress him in an astronaut costume or, at least, a shirt with a rocket ship or alien design on it.

Pretend To "Go Inside" It

Another idea is to work with your child so that he or she is interacting with the backdrop in some manner. There are plenty of options to consider based on the type of backdrop. For example, if there's an animal on the backdrop, your child could pose beside it and position his or her hand as though he or she is petting the animal. Or, if there are dinosaurs on the backdrop, your child could pose in a silly manner as though he or she is running from them. This might not make for a traditional portrait, but it can make for one with a significant fun factor.

Use Appropriate Props

You may also wish to explore incorporating props into the photo shoot that tie in with the background you've chosen. For example, if there are several stuffed animals in the backdrop, having your child hold his or her stuffed animal and perhaps have some others placed around him or her can work well. If you've chosen a background with bicycles, your child could be seated on his or her bicycle or have it nearby. This idea can especially be fun if you've dressed your child to suit the backdrop, too.

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