Wedding Photography Pricing Can Be A Tricky Business

Having a professional present to record one of life's biggest days is something that a lot of couples prefer. The costs associated with putting together a wedding photography package, however, may be a little challenging to sort out. It's a good idea to know in advance how different services and prices are bundled together for ceremonies.

The Package Model

The majority of photographers use some type of package model in order to sell their services. This helps simplify the process by allowing couples to quickly determine that they'll be paying for, and it benefits a photographer because people tend to buy more than is necessary in a package in order to feel certain everything will be covered.


In order to be more profitable, wedding photography pricing can be surprisingly dependent upon add-ons. A couple might purchase a package only to find out that prints are extra or that only so many prints were included with a baseline credit. Couples should always be clear with photographers about what services and products will count as add-ons.

A La Carte

In many instances, it may be wise to ask about purchasing services a la carte rather than getting a wedding photography package. If, for example, a couple only wants to post digital copies of images on Facebook, it may be advantageous to ask for digital rights without any type of printed album option. This allows customers to minimize costs and narrow down the services they acquire to only what will be needed.

How Many Shooters

Taking photos at a wedding is a job that frequently calls for trying to capture an unfolding event from many angles, and this may call for more than one shooter. You should ask the studio handling the work how many people will be involved in photographing your ceremony. It's also wise to ask who they'll be shooting with and how strong those relationships are. Having an appropriate number of photographers present will ensure you capture everything from the big event itself to small moments at the reception.


In building a budget for wedding photography, a good rule of thumb is that it should be 15% of the total cost of the event. Discuss possible discounts in advance, and always be clear about what rights you're purchasing. There's only one chance to nail it, so try to appreciate the importance of balancing cost-effectiveness against quantity, quality and consistency.

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