Things You Should Think About Before You Hire A Destination Wedding Photographer

There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding and even more so if you are having a destination wedding. One of the things you need to think about during your planning is the type of wedding photographer you want to hire.

It is a good idea to hire an actual destination photographer who is well versed in the logistics of taking the best pictures at an exotic locale. What should you think about before you hire a destination photographer?

Are They Well Traveled?

While you certainly can find terrific destination wedding photographers at the location you are heading to, you might want to meet with them in person more than once before you hire them and before you head to your wedding. This means it's a good idea to not only hire a professional photographer with whom you like their style and that their personality mixes well with yours, but that they are well traveled too.

A well-traveled photographer will already have the necessary passport and documentation needed to travel to different countries and to work there. They most likely have gone to the destination of your choice – should it be a popular one, and can help you decide on the best locales for your pictures. They will also be prepared with any and all equipment they will need to bring with them for your big day.

Your Budget

When you are planning the budget you have for your wedding, you should take into account that if you intend to bring your photographer with you instead of hiring a local, you will have to budget for their travel expenses. You will have to consider airfare, ground transportation to all events, their lodging and their meals. They may also add additional fees for the transportation of their equipment as it may cost more money for them to bring than just their luggage.

You should ask in advance of any photographer before you hire them if these fees are included in the overall package they offer or are they additional fees on top of any package you choose. You should find out if they charge any extra fees for events outside of the wedding day itself, for example, rehearsal dinner parties, or other fun activities you would like to have documented.

Nature Photographer

One thing you might want to think about before hiring a destination photographer for your wedding is if they are also a nature photographer or specialize in action shots. While most photographers do specialize in certain things, you may find someone who can get you unique and beautiful shots of you jet skiing, or of a gorgeous sunset with you and your new spouse that only those who specialize in such shots can get to make your pictures even more memorable.

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