Fun Ways To Shoot A Family Portrait

Getting a family portrait taken each year can be something that you value as time goes on. If you begin this idea when your children are infants, you can carry it straight through adolescence, young adulthood, and even beyond to when your children get married and have children of their own. Although there's value in having your photographer shoot images of in a formal pose, it can also be fun to change things up each year. This is especially true if your family has a good sense of humor and each of you enjoys having fun. Here are some fun ideas for your family portraits.

In And Around The Pool

If you have a backyard swimming pool and your family enjoys swimming and pool parties, this setting can serve as the perfect backdrop for your family portrait. There are lots of different ways that your portrait photographer can set you up. One idea is to have everyone stand on the edge of the pool and then jump in at the same time. Using a series of rapid-fire shots, your photographer can capture images of your family at the pool's edge, in the air, and then of a series of distinct splashes in the water.

In The Kitchen

Another fun setting for a family portrait can be your kitchen. This is especially true if you enjoy cooking together. One fun idea if you have young kids is to have them preparing food with a lot of mess around them, and then have you and your spouse in the background playfully rolling your eyes. For example, the kids could be baking, and you could have some eggshells, spilled flour, and other things strewn around the counter as the children attempt to mix up the batter.

On A "Staycation"

Vacations make some of the best family photos, but you aren't apt to invite a photographer along for a trip. Instead, consider a "staycation" — in other words, playing tourist in your own city. Think of a popular tourist destination near where you live and have the photographer meet you there. Dressed in the right way and with the right props, your family can pose for a fun and unique portrait. For example, if there's a minor league baseball stadium in your area, your family could attend a game and sit in the stands with T-shirts and caps featuring the team's name and logo, hotdogs and popcorn in your hands, and even with your faces painted in the team's colors.

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