Three Opportunities For Breathtaking Candid Photos When You Shoot A Wedding

When you're a new wedding photographer, it's easy to be so focused on preparing for the formal portraits you'll be taking that you neglect to prepare for other shots. While it's true that newly married couples love their posed portraits and may display these shots in their homes for years to come, candid shots can often have even more of an impact. Capturing some breathtaking candid shots isn't about getting lucky — rather, you need to prepare so that your camera is aimed in the right place at the right time to capture these images. Here are three opportunities for memorable candid photos.

First Impressions

A perfect opportunity for a memorable candid photo is to aim your lens at the face of the bride or groom when one catches his or her first glimpse of the other. Doing so is easiest if you're working with another photographer who can shoot the other person. For example, if you're at the front of the church, you can focus on the face of the groom who is standing near you. He'll be watching for the bride to enter the church's doors, and his face will light up upon seeing her for the first time. If your shutter finger is ready, you'll be able to catch some memorable candid images.

Faces In The Crowd

Scouring the faces in the crowd and looking for photo-worthy reactions can be another effective way to get breathtaking candid photos when you shoot the wedding. This is another strategy that is best to employ when you're working as a photography tandem, as your fellow photographer will likely want to focus on the ceremony while you watch the crowd. At moments such as the reading of the vows, you can often get tearful and love-filled expressions from family members and others alike.

Moments Out Of The Spotlight

If you keep an eye on the bride and groom when they believe that no one is watching them, you'll often get some memorable photos. This could occur between the ceremony and official photos being taken, for example. You might catch the bride with her head on the groom's shoulder or the happy couple sharing a laugh about something that might have happened during the ceremony. Remember, you aren't intruding on their privacy — the bride and groom will be thrilled if you manage to capture a special moment that they're sharing together on their big day.

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