4 Tips For A Newborn Photography Session

When it comes to welcoming a new baby into the world, if you're like most parents, you will probably want to take many photos of your little one. Newborn photography sessions have become increasingly popular, and photographers who specialize in this type of photography can be found in most areas. If you would like to have newborn photographs taken of your baby after he or she arrives, use the following tips.

Book in Advance

If you have your heart set on having a specific photographer take your child's newborn portraits, it is in your best interest to book your session as far in advance as possible. A newborn photographer will work with you to set up an appointment based on when your due date is. You may be required to place a deposit at the time you book services.

Understand What You're Getting

It is very important to understand your photographer's pricing structure so you understand what is included in your newborn photography session and what is not. Some photographers quote a price that only includes their photography services and photo editing, and you will have to purchase prints. Other photographers include a disc of edited images and a copyright release in their fee. Since every photographer is different, knowing what you're paying for will help ensure that there are no surprises.

Feed Baby Before the Session

Ideally, a newborn photography session is done when a baby's stomach is full and he or she is feeling sleepy. Prior to the start of your session, make sure your baby is fed so he or she will not get hungry while photos are being taken. In addition, if you're having the photos taken in your home, make sure the room is a little bit warmer than normal—newborn photos are often taken with a baby wearing just a diaper, and you don't want your little one to be cold or uncomfortable.

Don't Stress

Newborn babies are unpredictable creatures, so all newborn photography sessions do not go perfectly, and that is okay. Do not let yourself get stressed out or upset during the session—newborn photographers are very patient and understand that working with little babies can be a challenge sometimes. It is no big deal if a diaper needs to be changed or if your baby needs a break from having photos taken because he or she is crying and needs to be comforted. Newborn photographers factor this into the session time and always make sure to have enough time available to get many gorgeous shots. 

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