Creative Wedding Photograph Ideas Using Props

The traditional wedding photographs are supposed to capture the major players in the wedding celebrating your special day, along with embracing the love shown between the bride and groom. While these are wonderful keepsakes, consider adding a few creative or quirky shots to your request list. The following ideas include some simple props but make a big statement.

Idea #1: Spread the Love

Painted wood letters are all the rage for wall hangings, but they also make excellent photography props. Take a series of four bride and groom pictures using the letters L, O, V, and E. You both hold a single letter together in each image, being as serious or silly as you like. The second letter, O, for example, lends itself well to silliness since you can use it as a frame to look through or to frame a bride and groom kiss. These photos are excellent for framing in a four-slot frame.

Idea #2: Frame Your Shot

This one begins as the beautiful traditional photo with the groom bending down for a romantic kiss, but it has a twist. The children in the wedding party – traditionally the flower girl and ringbearer, but any children will do – are each given an ornate scrollwork frame. The kiss takes place in the background, with the children each holding a frame in the midground and the foreground. This creates a frame-in-frame illusion around the kissing bride and groom. If the children are particularly young, you can do a single frame with a child supporting each side.

Idea #3: Say It With People

Sometimes the people make the best props. If you have a large bridal party or if you want a shot that includes close family along with bridesmaids and groomsmen, this is the shot for you. It is much more interesting to look compared to the traditional group photo. Arrange everyone but the bride and groom so that they are standing to form a heart shape. Give each person a flower that is the same color – the brighter the hue, the better. Now, the bride and groom stand inside this heart and pose together, while the photographer takes the shot from a high point above. The use of the flowers draws further emphasis to the heart shape that everyone is standing in, making it the perfect frame for the newlyweds.

Contact a wedding photographer like Dexter Davis Photography and Films to discuss these creative photography ideas or to come up with some that are unique to your event.

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