Three Tips For Your Family Photo Sessions

Having family photographs taken (by professionals such as Delaina Marie Photography) can be an excellent way of capturing memories for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, children may not always be the most cooperative when it comes to photography sessions. However, there are a few tips that parents can follow to make sure that they avoid some common issues that may arise during a family photo shoot.

Arrive At The Photography Site Early

Your children can be easily distracted by the location of your photography sessions. This can make it difficult for the photographer to be able to adequately hold the attention of the children. Luckily, you may be able to mitigate this disruption by arriving at the photography site early. By giving your children time to explore and acclimate to the new surroundings, you may find that they are less distracted and more focused on the photographer's directions.   

Bring A Change Of Clothes For Your Children

It is an unfortunate fact that your children can be experts when it comes to staining clothes. Not surprisingly, this can be a serious issue during photography sessions because the stains may make it into the final prints. While it may be possible to edit these stains out of the picture, this can significantly add to the cost of the photography session, and if it is not done well, this editing can be very noticeable.

To help minimize the risk of your children staining their clothes, you should pack the clothes that they will wear during the photographs and have the children change into them just before the start of the photo shoot. This simple precaution can drastically help you to minimize the risk of your children wearing stained clothing during the photo shoot. If you are concerned about these clothes wrinkling, you can help to prevent this issue by making sure that you lay the clothes flat in the trunk of your car.

Give Your Child Incentives To Cooperate With The Photographer

Despite your best efforts, you may find that your children have a difficult time cooperating with the photographer. While the threat of punishment can be one way to elicit good behavior it may be more effective to strike a deal with your children regarding a reward for a pleasant photo shoot. If you use this approach, you should make sure to clearly detail the behavior that you expect at the photo shoot so that the children know the standards that they must meet. At the first sign of misbehaving, you should remind the children of the reward and that they must meet their end of the deal to get it.

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