The Time Of Your Life -- How To Prepare For Senior Pictures When You Don't Know Fashion

Figuring out what to wear for photos is a tough task for most women, but it's doubly so when those pictures are expensive ones done by a professional at a once-in-a-lifetime point in time. For this reason, preparing for senior pictures can be a little stressful for seniors who don't normally follow fashion. But there are ways to help ensure a great set of portraits that you'll be happy with. Here are a few clothing and preparation tips for any girl getting her portraits taken.

Show Your Personality. You'll be more comfortable and relaxed if you love what you're wearing. So don't let others -- schoolmates, friends or parents -- pick all your outfits and accessories. This is your moment, so be ready to shine as you are. What reflects your personality? It could be anything that makes you happy -- a favorite necklace, sports team colors, a bold cowboy hat, your favorite fluffy slippers or that dress that makes you feel beautiful. Bring them all along and let your photographer help you make them work.

Bring a Variety. Don't stick to one type of clothing or color scheme. Choosing a variety of styles, colors and patterns gives the photographer a lot to work with. Bring a casual outfit, jeans, a fancier dress or skirt, a bold outfit and a more neutral one. Make some of them solid colors and choose a few patterns (not excessively large ones, though), such as dots, small stripes, florals or artistry. Pack some different textures -- such as lace or denim -- for variety's sake. 

Choose Flattering Styles... While you may prefer to be super casual in your daily life, be aware that baggy or ill-fitted clothing won't do you any favors on film. Bring some of that loose and casual clothing as part of your package, but bring along some items that will make you look better as well. So, what usually flatters girls in photos? Try well-fitted jeans, cinched-waist dresses with A-line skirt styles, flowing skirts, mid-length sleeves or V-line necklines. Avoid too many sleeveless shirts, wide open necklines, unstructured clothing and anything wrinkled or stained. 

... and Flattering Colors. If you're not a fashion maven, you may not understand how to accessorize your skin tone. If so, it's a good time to do a little research on what will flatter your body type and natural colors. You can learn a lot about colors online (such as your skin tone and how it matters). You can use this bit of information to help inform your makeup choices, clothing colors and accessories. If you need help styling colors, try using the color wheel to guide you. And ultimately, use the photographer's experience and help during your shoot. 

By choosing a variety of clothing that both flatters your body and makes you happy, you and your photographer can create a senior picture package that everyone can love and be proud of for years to come. Contact a business like Renoda Campbell Photography for more help.

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